Green Street - Never Know [Featuring Treazure Empire & Abyss Da Dark] + All In A Day's Work (EP)

S/O to The Boston group Green Street for featuring me on the song "Never Know" also featuring Treazure Empire. Download their project! 

Abyss Da Dark - Lately [WEUP REMIX]


"Lately I've been feeling anger. Trying to play it off like the weight ain't building" Been holding onto this joint for some months now. Finally decided to release to the internets. Wrote it around the time folk kept praising me for being a conscious rapper. I learned to not really delve into titles. No one is as good or as bad as you think them to be. EP on the way. We Up.

Abyss Da Dark - Lately (Artwork)

My new remix "Lately" is dropping this coming Thursday! Artwork done by @SEANLCREME.

Tre - Self Centered (EP)

New mixtape from the homie Tre! I am also featured on his track "Flying High"! Drop your opinions!

Flying High [Featuring Abyss Da Dark]

Listen to the "Self Centered" ep below!

Abyss Da Dark Remixes Depeche Mode's "Enjoy The Silence"

Artwork by @EHTMILLS of Run And Eat Radio

80's electronic rock meets rappity rapping. An associate of mine introduced me to this record and I instantly fell in love with it. This is the result of it. Oh, if you made it pass the first minute you're awesome.